The third round of the Yorkshire Winter League saw a field of 96 endure a dire contest on the Ouse around Hunters Lodge and Widdington.

With the river still carrying around four feet of chocolate coloured flood water it was left to tiny roach and the odd worm-caught eel to provide the meagre weights.

FAPS Bradford scored an emphatic win on the day thanks to 12 catchers.

Mick Potter (Anglers World) topped the individual standings with 2-11-0.

Drawn on peg 224 below the bungalows at Hunters Lodge, he took four small roach on pole and maggot before switching to bomb and lobby for a small roach and two decent eels.

At the next peg upstream, Craig Bray (Marsh Tackle) took two small eels on the lob plus seven roach on pole and pinkie for 2-2-0.

Others: Roger Ellis (Marsh Tackle) 1-15-8; Ricky Bonas (Hirst Tackle) 1-9-0; Dave Hardy (Faps Bradford) 1-7-0; Steve Webster (FAPS Bradford) 1-6-0.

Teams: FAPS Bradford 95; Hirst Tackle 79; Anglers World 78; Armley Angling 74; Marsh Tackle 59; Selby 55.

League: Hirst Tackle 29; Anglers World 28; FAPS Bradford 27; Armley Angling 24; Marsh Tackle and Normark both 22.

Poplar Lake at the Oaks was in dour mood for Sundays 30 pegger won by local expert Rob Ogilvy (The Oaks) fishing pole and maggot down the shelf from peg nine he took 15-10-0 of small carp with odd tench and barbel.

Others: Mel Sykes (Harrogate AS) 9-4-0; Pete Cowan (Helperby) 5-6-0; Ken Bell (Wetherby) 4-6-0.

The 36-peg Sykes Cup on the Ure at Boroughbridge saw single chub take all the coin with Chris Brooke (Glen) netting the biggest at 2-6-0 from peg three. His match winner fell to legered bread.

Others: Ray Scott (Glen) and Paul Wood (Airborough) both 2-4-0; Kevin McGloughlin (Marsh Tackle) 2-2-0.

The introduction of 800 small chub during the week made all the difference on Horshoe Lake at Raker where all of the prizewinners in Sunday's 21 pegger had nothing but the new recruits. Mick Herrington (Headingley Angling) led from peg 18 where he used waggler and maggot for 10-1-0 of the stockies.

Others: John Cosgrove (Anglers Corner) 8-4-0; Terry Carlton (Acomb Tackle) 6-4-0; Russ Walker (Anglers Corner) 5-10-0.

The Nidd at Knaresborough rose steadily during Sunday's 41 pegger making the going tough.

One of the tough that got going was Martin Dodsworth (Claro) who was pegged below the Sawmills Weir.

After taking six grayling on stick and maggot he switched to legered worm for a decisive chub that lifted his weight to 5-7-0.

Cliff Lofthouse (Ripon) had a single bream of 5-2-0 from peg 122 at Goldsborough for second.

Others: John Livesy (Knaresborough) 4-9-0; Paul Werrett (Leeds) 4-7-0; Malcolm Brittan (Knaresborough) 3-8-0.

It was the usual pegs at Woodlands again as Shaun Cameron (Sherbourn Tackle) topped Wednesday's 59 entry from Skylark 23.

The usual maggot feeder attack brought him 40-4-0 of small carp to a pound. At the next peg, 22, Phil Noble (Stokesly) took 30-8-0 to the scales.

Others: Gordon Poole (Leeds) 29-10-0; Mick Webb (Leeds) 25-8-0; Ken Gollightly (MAP Elton) 24-3-0.

Saturday's 71 pegger saw Skylark 22 victorious again. This time it was Nigel Hargreave (Elton Tackle) who was in the hot seat.

He got all the questions right panning carp to 6lb on his way to a 47-8-0 total. Darryl Taylor (MAP Elton) stopped the Skylark domination with 30-4-0 from Partridge 15.

Others: Phil Eastwood (Calder Angling Supplies) 24-7-0; Ray Singh (Elton Tackle) 24-6-0; Peter Nixon (Middlesborough Newman Scotts) 23-2-0; Ian Grimshaw (Barnsley) 22-6-0.

Sunday's 71 peg sell out saw the Run of Skylark victories come to an abrupt end with none of the favourite pegs featuring.

Pat Adams (RSPS) scored a surprising and comfortable win from Kestrel 29 where he used single maggot on the feeder for an all carp 39-14-0.

Nigel Hargreave (Elton Tackle) missed out on a perfect weekend card, recording second with 28-3-0 from Partridge four.

Others: Ken Gollightly (MAP Elton) 24-10-0; John Ashton (Sensas Garbolino) 22-9-0; Gary Thornton (York Tackle) 21-5-0; Alan Headley (Gunees Tackle) 20-10-0.

* Tang Hall Match Group hold their annual meeting at Tang Hall WMC on Friday, starting at 8pm.