Feeder are back. Out of the tragedy of drummer Jon Lee's suicide comes their fourth album.

The title says it all, their decision to play on out of the gloom and make this record, rather than walk away from all that had gone before. The core Feeder sound is born to be played at festivals, their huge guitars and choruses sounding as if they're being played through huge speakers in a field wherever you hear them.

Tunes such as Quick Fade soar around your earlobes before floating off into the festival fug. Single Come Back Around provides a healthy dose of crashing guitars, opener Just The Way I'm Feeling features strings. There are disappointments, such as the near-comedy nu-punk Godzilla, but most of this is a polished and touching musical tribute to Lee. The band have moved on, their drummer won't be forgotten.

Updated: 10:23 Thursday, October 31, 2002