I APPRECIATE that space probably prevented fuller coverage of the Fulford "split" (October 29), but your readers and local residents need to be better informed.

The parish council has been considering the issues involving the future of the social hall, the proposed rebuilding of St Oswald's School and many inter-related issues arising from the proposed Germany Beck housing development.

The main aim of the parish council should be to do its best for the parish and, in my view, both building developments present unparalleled opportunity to bring new modern community, social and sporting facilities to the area.

Fulford is long overdue such investment, which is evidenced elsewhere within York and local villages.

It is a great pity that three councillors have resigned when it would be better to have remained involved and contributed to the debate on how to maximise the potential gain for Fulford.

However, their action and your coverage should encourage the public to attend the parish council meetings, which are open to the public and to consider seeking election to fill these unexpected vacancies.

I am a parish councillor, but this is written in a personal capacity.

Alan Smith,

Fordlands Road

Fulford, York.

Updated: 11:15 Thursday, October 31, 2002