YOU recently published a letter complaining about the condition of Bootham Row car park (October 9) and I believe it important to respond.

During the last 18 months Bootham Row car park has been completely resurfaced and relined. In addition, clearly marked disabled bays and those specifically for families have been introduced.

The car park is regularly patrolled by enforcement staff and, when caught, those who park illegally are issued a penalty charge notice.

CCTV cameras observe the car park and, as a result, vehicle crime has been reduced significantly.

The signs indicating free parking for motorcycles will be replaced to provide our customers with clearer instructions

The problems with dumped waste material appear to be because of certain businesses in the area not having adequate commercial waste systems and residents who use this location to illegally dump domestic refuse.

We are taking steps to control this abuse and a prosecution is already under way.

Colin Rumford,

Head of trading standards and regulatory standards,

City of York Council,

St Leonard's Place, York.

Updated: 11:15 Thursday, October 31, 2002