A YORK woman held a charity coffee morning with a difference - on top of her kitchen roof.

The Evening Press joined forces with Macmillan Cancer Relief in August and asked people to think of wacky places to hold coffee mornings for the charity's World's Biggest Coffee Morning event.

Sally North, from Monkgate, who chose her kitchen roof for the location was the overall winner and will receive a pair of first-class train tickets to London.

York appeal co-ordinator for the charity, Alex Emsley, said there was a wide range of entries for the competition, including a coffee morning in a golf bunker and one on a bus.

She said: "It sounded so unusual, somebody having a coffee morning on a kitchen roof. Sally had obviously used her imagination to capture the idea of the competition."

The second place winner was Veronica Piercy, who held her event in a shed and the third place went to Holgate Hill Hotel, which organised an event on a bus.

So far in York £10,000 has been raised for the charity though the coffee mornings, which were held on September 27, and organisers are still collecting money.

Updated: 10:01 Thursday, October 31, 2002