ANTI-war protesters claimed Britain wss witnessing its biggest movement against military action as they marked a Don't Attack Iraq Day in York.

Early morning commuters in the city were handed leaflets urging opposition to the threatened attack, while banners hung from the city walls in Fishergate and Bootham.

Events planned during the day included a two-minute silence in memory of the 500,000 children estimated to have been killed by United Nations sanctions against the country.

Messages were being left at a peace tree in St Sampson's Square, and protesters were intending to gather at Fulford Barracks tonight before marching into the city centre.

They were being joined by representatives of the Green Party and public services union Unison.

Protester Chris Fuller said: "In the past two weeks we have handed out 22,000 leaflets across York. The people are absolutely on our side."

Updated: 10:15 Thursday, October 31, 2002