RUSH-hour traffic was halted on the A64 in North Yorkshire today when police closed a stretch of the road after two heavy goods vehicles collided.

The crash happened between Staxton and Ganton, near Scarborough, and saw one of the HGVs crash through a hedge and slide down an embankment.

Neither driver was badly injured, but the A64 was closed in both directions after the accident, which happened at about 6am.

Tailbacks of four to five miles built up in both directions after the crash, as police diversions were put in place at the Staxton roundabout and through Sherburn.

Scarborough-based Pc Brian Cooper said: "The road is a bit of a mess and we are busy clearing it up. The circumstances behind the accident are being investigated."

Pc Cooper was unable to say whether patchy fog was the cause of the accident, but said the A64 would be shut in both directions until at least 11am today.

Two fire engines from Scarborough attended the crash, and firefighters worked to make the HGVs safe.

AA spokeswoman Denise Raven said: "The position of the accident and the diversion routes available has made it quite difficult for anyone travelling east or west, so the traffic quickly built up."

Anyone who witnessed the accident is asked to phone the police at Scarborough on 01723 500300.

Updated: 11:35 Thursday, October 31, 2002