TONY Blair is coming through some testing times, making some difficult decisions which neither you nor I would wish to have to make.

We are only privy to snippets of information and media speculation, whereas he has all the factors to consider.

I am sure in my mind he has the interests of the nation, as well as the rest of the world, at heart.

So let's put the past few weeks behind us, stop back-biting and point-scoring and get behind the Prime Minister and support our troops in the Gulf.

Bob Watson,

Elmfield Terrace,

Malton Road, York.

...LET us never forget this day - a day when the British Government (Tony Blair) led our nation into a war against an impoverished country which had not committed any act of aggression, flying in the face of massive public opinion and Parliamentary rebellion, and without a mandate from the UN.

All this because of the obsession of one man, George Bush, who is determined to oust Saddam Hussein.

Tony Blair has followed where he has led. He has weaved and twisted his arguments and made impassioned speeches to justify this war.

Our country is saddened and ashamed and, whatever the outcome of the war, we will not forget March 20, 2003.

Jean Frost,

Elmpark Way, York.

...AS Robin Cook said: "What is the use of invading Iraq to restore democracy (as if any of us think for a moment that's what it's really about) while undermining democracy in our own country?"

The Evening Press poll on the war consistently shows around two thirds against and this reflects the feeling around the country.

Most of us know this war is illegal, immoral and highly dangerous not only for the people of Iraq but for all our futures.

More than 40 per cent of the population of Iraq are children. It will, indeed, be like bombing a playground - with cruise missiles, depleted uranium and cluster bombs. No amount of spin can make that moral.

We must all continue to show we do not accept this war - not just on the first day but every day thereafter.

A government which disregards the will of the people this way is unfit to govern.

Denise Craghill,

York Green Party,

Broadway West,


...BECAUSE I admire much that Hugh Bayley has done, I am saddened he should appeal to populist francophobia to justify his decision to vote for war, although the second UN resolution he held so important was not obtained.

France stated clearly it would veto any second resolution that simply rubber-stamped a decision to go to war at a predetermined date.

No one who followed the briefings could fail to be aware that March was the month the US had decided their attack would be launched.

That date was governed by the weather and the time needed to assemble the attacking army.

The role Bush had given the British Government was to find some kind of fudge that would enable the Security Council to give an attack in March its blessing.

It is to the credit of the Security Council that it was not prepared to kow-tow to the superpower and support such a resolution.

For the history books it will now be America's war. The United Nations is not tainted by condoning a war that is manifestly contrary to its charter.

Maurice Vassie,

Cartmans Cottage,



...COUNT me in as another American who is not being listened to by the Bush administration.

This is government of the military-industrial complex, by the military-industrial complex and for the military-industrial complex.

Bob Bauer,

South Strafford,

Vermont, USA.

Updated: 10:20 Thursday, March 20, 2003