ST JOHN Ambulance volunteers in and around York are urging local people to join them in a "one night stand" in the city as part of their ongoing £45,000 fundraising campaign.

The Evening Press-backed Life Savers Appeal, which aims to buy a new Crusader ambulance for use in the city, will hopefully be receiving a fun April Fools boost if pubs, clubs and businesses can be persuaded to take part in a new fun bingo-style game.

Instead of using a pen to mark off numbers as they are called, this back-to-front bingo game involves participants all standing until a number from their card is called, at which point their game is over and they must sit down.

The last person standing, whose card does not contain any of the numbers called, wins the game and collects the prize money - 25 per cent of entrance fees, with the remaining 75 per cent going to the appeal.

A St John Ambulance spokesman said: "This game is designed to appeal to clubs, pubs and even works canteens. In fact any group that wishes to take part can play."

Letters were this week being sent to various clubs and pubs in the area, but if anyone wants to take part in the One Night Stand on April 1, or any time in that week, they should contact the St John Ambulance fundraising team on 01642 244450.

Other fundraising events planned by the North Yorkshire and Teesside St John Ambulance include white water rafting and a firewalk and glass walk challenge.

The new Crusader ambulance costs £42,000 and the extra £3,000 will pay for a state-of-the-art stretcher, an air conditioning system to help people suffering from heat exhaustion, and an automatic defibrillator.

It will help save lives and provide medical cover at events around the county.

To contribute to the appeal without taking part in any events send cheques made payable to St John Ambulance Appeal, c/o David Sutton, at St John Ambulance, St John House, 236 Marton Road, Middlesbrough, TS4 2EZ, or go into any high street bank and pay into account number 60382078, sort code 20-82-94.

Updated: 10:21 Thursday, March 20, 2003