WELL done Stephen Lewis for your timely article ("Grump who hates Red Nose Day", March 14).

I felt embarrassed by all the forced feeling connected to this self-glorifying, tacky event. Yes, it raises money for charity but what is really funny about sitting in baked beans? Not to mention the sheer waste!

Now it's all over no doubt all those connected with Red Nose Day will sit back, congratulate themselves and forget all about the poor until next time, then even more stupid, self-seeking acts will be thought up.

That is not real giving.

Daphne Burbridge,

Dodsworth Avenue, York.

...ONCE again Comic Relief worked wonders and entertained us with the very best reality TV show yet.

The reason people are fed up with many of these shows is that they are full of young people who have had no real-life experience yet and therefore have very bland/clichd existences under camera.

By using people in the 25 to 45 age range they really bounced off each other and made every moment entertaining to watch.

Perhaps the next show should be Poppa And Momma Idol.

Eddie Vee,

Wenham Road,

Woodlands, York.

Updated: 10:16 Thursday, March 20, 2003