YORK went to the top of division one in the Yorkshire Over-55s League after defeating Barnsley-based Metrodome 82-63.

But the lead may be short-lived after they only picked up eight points to Metrodome's six.

Favourites New Earswick, who are seven points adrift have a game in hand against bottom-placed Redcar, while Metrodome also have one game to play against Thornaby and are only six points behind York.

Frank Turner, Fred Clayden, Noel Cammidge and Dudley Williams won 31-10 at York, while Peter Littlewood, Dave McCowan, Ron Kirkpatrick and Doug Mitchell led 11-0 after only five ends.

Honours were even after that with with the final score being 19-11 in York's favour.

At Barnsley, Barry Walker, Graham Brooke, Tex Stevens and Ken Patterson had the edge for most of their game and went into the last end leading 18-16, but then dropped a three to lose 19-18.

In the other away rink Brian Thomas, Eric Hodgson, Gordon Walker and Norman Vause struggled to keep the score down as they lost 23-14.

York's second division team had a good home aggregate victory over joint league leaders Hull after a dramatic last end on both rinks.

Geoff Oglesby, Ken Lewington, Bill Hunter and Bill Pearson had been leading throughout, but dropped a five on their last end to make their final score 21-14 (35-32 on aggregate to the visitors).

Tony Bryan, John Berridge, Dave Holder and Charlie Arnett, who had been losing for most of the game, went into the last 21-11 down and needing a four to take the aggregate.

Bryan duly obliged by playing a perfect wood which took the jack to give the four shots required for York to collect four points.

Neither of the York teams were in with a chance at Hull as Tony Thornton, Dave Clayton, Tony Hopcutt and Kevin Harris lost 33-6, while Dennis Haw, Alan Storey, John Headley and Colin Sharpley went down 27-8.

New Earswick claimed a crucial 32-28 victory against group leaders York in the Yorkshire Under-18s League.

They picked up four points to make them favourites to reach the semi-final along with York next month.

Steve Long, Michael Ollis and Phil Bruce were trailing 6-1 before winning seven of the next eight ends scoring 16 shots, including a five on the 11th end to only two against on their way to a 17-10 victory against Philip Herridge, Adam Tattersall and Zoe Eagles.

In the other rink, Philip Scott, Josh Cahill and Adam Liddell were trailing 15-11 to Rob Domville, Tom Aveyard and Nick Ollis with time for only two ends to go, but a five followed by a two gave them a welcome 18-15 win.

It was only York's second defeat of the season, both coming at the hands of New Earswick.

Scarborough claimed the North Eastern Ladies League after whitewashing York in the title decider 99-64 to collect all ten points at stake.

Brenda Martin, Doreen Arnett, Mavis Puckering and Ella Armitt lost 19-16 at York after being in a good position leading 11-6 after ten ends.

Joyce Gee, Maureen Wallace, Carole Pink and Pat Lofthouse lost their way between the ninth and 14th ends when they dropped 17 shots to trail 26-8, but then won all the remaining ends scoring 17 shots themselves only to lose 26-25.

At Scarborough, Pat Bracken, Irene Paylor, Jean Williams and Janet Marden lost 22-12, while Clarice Johnston, Margaret Smith, Liz Worling and Ann Sharpley were beaten 32-11.

It wasn't much better for the New Earswick Ladies who lost 96-61 to Selby, but it could have been much worse as Selby had a great opening, leading 60-13 on aggregate after ten ends.

At home Lyz Jerrum, Audrey Shingles, Audrey Imeson and Ann Thompson were unlucky after coming back from 12-4 down after ten ends. They had a fourth shot advantage with two ends to go at 19-15, but dropped a single followed by a four to lose 20-19.

Margaret Moss, Kath Sykes, Maureen Shorrocks and Pat Lancaster were thankful for a four on the 13th end and a five on the 18th, other than that they struggled and lost 23-15.

Brenda Keller, Maureen Cooper, Dottie Kay and Kath Hardcastle lost 27-15 at Selby and Peg Walker, Diane Hardy, June Barker and Margaret Blows lost 26-12.

Selby picked up the maximum ten points from the game.

New Earswick missed out on promotion to the first division of the Yorkshire League by two points after Metrodome beat Redcar 12-6 on points to clinch the runners-up position.

Updated: 09:38 Thursday, March 20, 2003