FIRST time round, in the mid-Nineties, Matchbox 20 were pigeonholed as a post-grunge guitar band.

They made it in the US, winning songwriting Grammys; they made it in the Antipodes; but they never really 'broke' the UK. Hopefully they will this time, with this album leaning more to quiet-core than grunge. It's Chilis meets Pearl Jam as they are now crossed with Turin Brakes (think Pain Killer) and a passing nod to Coldplay. The single Disease is louder and brighter, compared to, say, Could I Be You, which is the typical piano/guitar/choir of quiet-core. Then they get heavier with Downfall (except for the gospel choir), and vibrant and bouncy with You're So Real. Four different songs, each excellent individually and amazing as a whole - and only a third of the album!

Updated: 10:37 Thursday, March 20, 2003