I WANT to raise awareness of the plight of the athletes who use York's Huntington Stadium.

Not everyone is interested in sport, but most people are concerned with injustice, and the exploitation of a small club.

I see no reason why 350 athletes who use the stadium every week, all year round, should be uprooted.

Why should York lose the only all- weather track in North Yorkshire?

Why should the schoolchildren and youth associations be deprived of using the facilities?

Why should York City FC be allowed to ride roughshod over dedicated young athletes proud to represent the city and county?

Can't some kind of compromise be made? Could the track be covered and used on match days?

In the past City of York Council has removed bowling greens.

Tennis courts are few and far between, now it's the turn of Huntington Stadium.

York has let down the youth of this city.

Ruth Morley,

Rawcliffe Way,

Shipton Road, York.

Updated: 10:15 Wednesday, April 16, 2003