As a chocoholic of many years eating, I can vouch for the fact that this tasty creation is good for you ('A chocolate a day can keep the doc at bay' April 21).

What I cannot understand is how anyone manages to get by on just one or two chocolate bars a week, as recommended in your article.

To stay reasonably happy I need my fix of at least two chocolate things every day, anything from a chocolate-covered marshmallow tea-cake, caramel wafer to a Mars bar.

My husband is also a keen chocolate eater.

For more than 20 years I gave up chocolate for Lent - and didn't even cheat, well, hardly ever - but this year I have reached the age when to deprive myself of my "pet food" amounts almost to self-harm, so I continued to indulge myself through this year's Lenten period. During all the years I gave up chocolate for Lent I never lost an inch or an ounce.

Heather Causnett,

Escrick Park Gardens,



Updated: 10:29 Wednesday, April 23, 2003