PROSTATE cancer sufferer Bryan Metcalf has backed the Yorkshire Cancer Research Free Will Scheme, which aims to safeguard the future of cancer research in the region.

Mr Metcalf, 57, of Hambleton, near Selby, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996, and has undergone surgery and hormone manipulation treatment.

He is currently taking part in a trial for a vaccine, which was developed with the help of the Cancer Research Unit at the University of York - a unit funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research - and said he will continue to try newly developed treatments.

Mr Metcalf, who helps run a support group in York, said: "I am doing this trial for two reasons - to try and find the magic bullet for myself but also to add to the information that researchers have for the patients following me.

"Both motivations are important to me."

Mr Metcalf suffered side effects such as incontinence and impotence as a result of his operation, and said that research to find a treatment without such serious side effects was vital.

He said: "Any research that can slow the growth of the cancer within the prostate is going to be good news."

Yorkshire Cancer Research is offering 500 residents the opportunity to have a will drawn up free of charge.

Participants in the Evening Press-backed scheme will be offered the opportunity - but will be under no obligation - to make provision for Yorkshire Cancer Research in their will.

Anyone affected by prostate cancer can contact Mr Metcalf on 01757 228394 or email

Updated: 10:08 Wednesday, April 23, 2003