POLICE are appealing for witnesses to a car crash near Pocklington, which led to a 70-year-old man being taken to hospital.

The accident happened at about 6pm yesterday on an unclassified road between the A166 and Millington, in East Yorkshire.

A Toyota vehicle was travelling from the A166 towards Huggate and an Audi car was travelling towards the A166 from Millington when the collision occurred at the junction known locally as Greenwick crossroads.

The driver of the Toyota, a 70-year-old East Yorkshire man, suffered a broken pelvis and ribs. He was detained at York Hospital.

The driver of the Audi, a 38-year-old North Yorkshire man, suffered bruising to his right knee and shock. His passenger, also from North Yorkshire, suffered a seat belt injury to his neck.

They did not attend hospital.

Anyone who witnessed the accident should contact Bridlington Police Station on 01262 402700.

Updated: 10:59 Wednesday, April 23, 2003