A SEVENTIES-style protest was brought to the gates of York chocolate factory Terry's in an effort to highlight the plight of Third World coffee farmers.

Oxfam supporters dressed in wigs and fashions from 30 years ago waved placards outside the Bishopthorpe Road factory yesterday, telling passers-by that wages paid to producers were the lowest in 30 years.

They said farmers in developing countries were now unable to support their families.

Terry's is owned by Kraft, which produces Kenco and Maxwell House. Although the factory is on an annual closure, the protest was part of an international day of action which coincides with Kraft's annual general meeting, being held in the US.

The group's spokeswoman, Andrea Hill, said: "Kraft has made huge profit this year and I'm sure the shareholders at the AGM will be very happy, but the farmers who have no voice at the meeting are really struggling."

The group displayed the picture of a mug showing the face of Honduran farmer Daniel Chincilla, with the logo "mugged by Kenco". The farmers are suffering because of an oversupply of coffee. A Terry's spokeswoman said: "At Kraft we believe the most important contribution we can make to the long-term health of the coffee industry, including the sustained well-being of farmers, is to continue to promote consumer demand."

Updated: 10:16 Wednesday, April 23, 2003