WHO does Hugh Bayley think he is kidding when he tries to scare everyone into believing that Britain is doomed if it does not adopt the Euro?

To do this would mean that we surrender our gold reserves to some faceless bureaucrats who have the power to change our taxes and impose VAT on more items.

If we lose control of our finances we can dismiss the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Houses of Parliament (losing his and Tony's jobs) as all financial decision would be made on the continent by people we could not vote out of power as they are not elected.

Iceland, Greenland and Denmark have not adopted the Euro nor have the Swiss, the "moneybags of Europe" who have prospered out of two World Wars and own Nestl, yet these countries are not in financial ruin. If we export so much to Europe, then surely they need us more than we need them.

Don't we export to countries outside Europe? It's a big, wide world outside Europe and there must be a few that deal with Britain.

If Mr Bayley wants to talk about job losses, he should consult the thousands of British fishermen who can no longer catch fish owing to EU regulations and the British farmers who pour away milk because we are compelled to import EU milk which is not produced under such stringent regulations as our farmers face.

AH Barton,

Broadway, York.

...WHO is Hugh Bayley trying to kid about job fears if we delay entry into the Euro?

Look at the situation in Germany. Nearly five million unemployed and high interest rates. A fat lot of good the Euro has done.

Britain is one of the strongest economies in Europe with low interest rates and low unemployment.

Could Tony Blair or Hugh Bayley please explain to me and the other 65 per cent against the Euro why they are so hell bent on giving up this and the governing of our country's destiny?

Anthony Smith,

Tranby Avenue,



Updated: 10:26 Monday, May 19, 2003