A STREETWISE schoolboy cracked open the lemonade to celebrate winning a mountain bike in the York Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week quiz.

William Kay, 12, from Acomb, York, scooped the top prize after correctly answering questions designed to test young people on their knowledge of the perils of drugs and alcohol.

The draw of correct entries was made at an event in St Sampson's Square on Saturday, where a host of agencies was on hand to provide information about drugs and alcohol to youngsters and parents.

Police licensing officer, PC Ashley Fitzhugh said a group of hung-over revellers from Scarborough came to find out how much they had drunk the night before by looking at a special chart. "They were amazed at the amount they had put away," PC Fitzhugh said.

Here are the questions and answers to the quiz printed in Friday's Evening Press:

1 Alcohol is a drug. True, alcohol is a chemical that affects the brain.

2 Alcohol affects the brain one hour after taking it. False, it takes three to seven minutes.

3 Cannabis is now legal. False, cannabis is currently a class B drug, it may be re-classified to class C in July 2003, for class C dugs the maximum sentence for possession is two years, for supply up to 14 years in prison.

4 The long-term use of ecstasy may increase the chance of severe depression and other mental illness in later life. True.

5 It is against the law to sell alcohol to under 18s. True.

6 Cocaine overdose can kill. True, it can cause cardiac arrest or respiratory failure.

7 Using heroin for the first time can cause vomting. True

8 Half a pint of ordinary strength beer = two units. False, one unit.

9 Black coffee, a cold shower or a walk will sober you up. False, the body excretes one unit of alcohol per hour. Nothing can speed this up.

10 Tobacco smoke contains over 2,000 chemicals. False, it contains more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are harmful to health.

Updated: 11:38 Monday, May 19, 2003