A COUPLE enjoyed a double celebration at the weekend by tying the knot and christening their daughter at the same time.

Mark and Catherine Leatherbarrow, from Clifton, York, were brought closer together during their daughter Chloe's fight against a serious heart condition.

The sixteen-month-old was born with a heart problem and underwent surgery when she was only two days old.

She was put on a ventilator and christened in hospital until she was strong enough to go home five weeks later - and has been healthy ever since.

Catherine proposed to Mark while Chloe was in the intensive care unit in York Hospital.

The couple tied the knot and christened Chloe in a special service in Clifton Parish Church on Saturday.

"Her illness really brought us closer together," said Catherine.

"This is the best day of my life, apart from when Chloe was born."

Mark said: "I'm over the moon. It was quite unusual to have a christening and wedding on the same day, but it worked really well.

"I was blown away when Catherine asked me to marry her."

Catherine's mother, Linda Oldfield, was delighted.

She said: "They'd thought about getting married before, but with the problems Chloe has had it's confirmed it for them."

Updated: 11:41 Monday, May 19, 2003