A STRING of amazing coincidences has led to a T-shirt from a York primary school being brought back to the city after ending up in Africa.

David Bell, from Wigginton, was in Togo, West Africa, teaching at a school when he stumbled upon a T-shirt from Ralph Butterfield Primary School, in Haxby.

David, 19, was in a market when he spotted the shirt for sale and he immediately recognised the name. He bought it for just 20p and on his return took it back to the school where head teacher Richard Ludlow, confirmed it was definitely one of theirs.

He said it was one of a number made six years earlier as part of a fundraising drive for the school's new library.

He said: "It is a real coincidence for a local lad to go all that way and find something from the school. It was really nice that he thought it was interesting and he came in and showed it to us."

David is collecting stationery, books and equipment to send to Tokowin, the school where he was working. To help, phone 01904 766760.

Updated: 10:20 Tuesday, May 20, 2003