ROAD safety plans unveiled to Norton's residents have been criticised as a waste of money by the town's mayor.

The scheme would put speed cushions, mini roundabouts and safety chicanes into the Beverley Road and Langton Road areas, which are notorious for fast traffic.

The plans, put forward by North Yorkshire County Council and costing more than £45,000, are on show at the town's library in Commercial Street today and tomorrow.

But Mayor Keith Mennell said the money could be better used elsewhere.

He said: "I accept there is a problem in the area, but it's with drivers' mentality rather than the infrastructure. I don't think that this is the best way to deal with it.

"One of the most effective ways I can think of is putting up a flashing speed sign, which I think is quite effective in drawing attention to the fact that you're going over the speed limit.

"If you look at Wood Street, the speed bumps there don't do a great deal of good in cutting speed."

Councillor Mennell has said previously that the money would be better used on improving the quality of roads.

He said: "I think the people who live on these roads will be supportive of these plans, but other people might take my view that we are spending money on something that wouldn't be needed if people adhered to speed limits.

"I definitely think there should be consultation on this, and I think there will be a mixed bag of opinions."

Calls for safety measures to be put in place in the area have been made for years. In 2000, town councillor Jim Kench warned that somebody could be killed if nothing was done.

Updated: 10:14 Tuesday, May 20, 2003