THE editorial comment about the successful Race for Life (May 12) mentioned that "some have carped at the fact that this is a women-only event". I wonder whether the editorial writer used the correct word? Carped, in my dictionary, means: complain pettily, or find fault.

It also makes me wonder whether the Evening Press and its readers believe we should be allowed to pick and choose the Acts of Parliament we should obey - or conveniently overlook?

If my wanting to participate in Race for Life to help raise money in memory of my deceased daughter; also my complaints to Cancer Research UK, because I was not allowed to; if all this was 'carping', then I am guilty as described.

Whatever, readers may be interested to know that I intend to request Cancer Research, again, to allow males to participate next year because Race for Life is in breach of Section 29 of the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act.

Let's tackle the dreaded cancer together without discrimination next year - will Cancer Research UK please take note?

John Taylor,

Dean Road,



Updated: 11:14 Wednesday, May 21, 2003