The eagerly-awaited first Amalgamation match at the Laybourne Lakes complex near Hessay, York, provided some promise despite dreadful conditions.

Fished on the newly-named Marley Pool, the 53-entry had to endure torrential rain and gale force winds.

Small carp were to the fore with odd better carp and some nice tench also featuring in six 20lb-plus catches. Numerous big carp were also hooked and lost with many taking huge effort to be subdued.

Most anglers caught well early on but the weather and the unfamiliar disturbance around the banks meant that many were struggling for bites and, although large numbers of roach and rudd were visible few were caught.

This should hopefully change when the virgin fish discover just how tasty maggots are.

Tony Biggins (Local AC) led the historic event from corner peg 13. Offering a single maggot on light tackle, he searched out the corner from seven to 12 metres, where he found a 6lb carp a 4lb tench plus many small carp for a winning 28lb 13oz.

Keith Mitchell (Selby) scored his second second in as many days with 28lb 10oz. Drawn on peg 37 next to one of the bridges, he offered maggot over caster and sillybait for an all carp net of fish to 10oz. Two lost monsters, however, cost him victory.

Others: Don Murray ((Tang Hall Match Group) 24-12-0; Phil Austin (Armley Angling) 22-8-0; Mick Wood (South Bank) 21-12-0; Al Whithead (Tang Hall Match Group) 21-8-0.

Goldrush Lake dominated both opens at the Willows, taking all the prizes in both Saturday and Tuesday matches.

Stuart Wilson (Bob.Co) won Saturday's 48-entry from form peg 40 with 37lb 6oz. Fishing pole with worm and caster, he netted a dozen carp plus ide and skimmers.

Mitchell (Selby) was second from peg 53, where he offered maggot tight to the island for a mixed net of small carp, ide and chub scaling 35lb 8oz.

Others: Steve Mazza (Bob.Co) 33-12-0; Mick Lodge (Colmic Ossett) 33-0-0; Jim Carter (Selby) 32-0-0; Andy Gallant (Bob.Co) 31-3-0.

The Tuesday Open drew 29 and went to Bernard Guy (East End Park) with 27lb 8oz.

Again, it was peg 40 that came up trumps. Alternating pellet and meat he had carp to 4lb.

Tony Hewson (Armley Angling) took second from peg 52 where he fished pellet tight to the willow for a mixed net of carp and tench scaling 26lb 8oz.

Others: Darryl Taylor (Daiwa Goldthorpe) 25-4-0; John Haw (Spectrum Autos) 21-12-0; Graham Broadley (Willows) 21-0-0; Gordon Fennell (Willows) 18-8-0.

The final round of the Spring League brought a sell-out field of 30 and some great sport to Horseshoe Lake at the Raker complex.

Mal Laverack (Selby) led a string of good weights from hot peg 22. Alternating floating bread and bread flake, he netted carp to 5lb in his winning 57lb 2oz. Paul Stead (JT Rogers) was also among the carp on peg 11 where he targeted the far bank at 18 metres with corn for 52lb 14oz of carp to 6lb.

Others: Andy Geldart (Daiwa Goldthorpe) 39-2-0; Wayne Nolan (Team Gem) 37-4-0; Oliver Hewitt (Team Gem) 36-2-0; Dave Geldart (Lower Wharfe Angling) 34-5-0.

Final League: Wayne Nolan (Team Gem) 51; Paul Stead (JT Rogers) and Norman Dixon (Anglers Corner) both 50; Dave Geldart (Lower Wharfe Angling) 46; Oliver Hewitt (Team Gem) 45.

Mick Tiffany (Armley Angling) took the honours in Sunday's 28-entry Red Lion event on the match lake at Carpvale with an all carp 27lb 8oz. Drawn on peg 41 he fished to the far side cover for 20 fish to 4lb on corn.

The same bait scored for Andy Gallant (Armley Angling) on peg 24, where he fished to the rushes for carp and tench for his 24lb 4oz.

Others: Bernard Guy (East End Park) 23-14-0; Keith Appleton (York) 27-1-0; Mick Hare (Leeds) 18-9-0.

Updated: 09:54 Wednesday, May 21, 2003