A FESTIVAL that brought ice angels and fake snow into York city centre could end after a £90 parking ticket row.

Organisers of the Festival of Angels, which brings tourists and residents into The Quarter, off Swinegate, are threatening to scrap this year's event because of a zealous traffic warden.

Magdalena Chavez said the warden even suggested the ice sculptures should have been delivered to the street the day before the road was closed for the event, despite the fact they would have melted.

She said the £90 parking fine could bring an end to an £8,000 contribution that the area's traders pay for the non-profit-making event.

Mrs Chavez, who runs caf El Piano, said her vehicle was given the parking ticket while in the closed road delivering ice sculptures, which are a central feature of the event.

"The warden instructed us that these should have been delivered the day before, despite it being pointed out that they would have melted," she said.

The refusal to rescind the ticket is persuading her not to organise another event.

"I recognise that the disappearance of the Festival of Angels in the scheme of things is probably of no consequence," she said in a letter to Tony Bennett, the council's assistant director of economic development.

"But in The Quarter there was a generous team of local traders and residents who were perhaps unique in the city centre as a genuine grass roots organisation.

"I fear that not only will there be no flagship event this December to take the pressure off the St Nicholas Fayre, the £8,000 we gladly paid from our own pockets to put something back into York and create an event that is the envy of many neighbouring communities has very likely come to an end."

A spokeswoman for City of York Council said: "The parking ticket was issued last December but, unfortunately, we didn't receive a written appeal within the statutory period of time allowed by law.

"In line with the standard procedure, the fine has been increased by 50 per cent to £90. We have now received a written letter supplying further details and, because of the unique circumstances, we will be reviewing the case to see what can be done.

"We're obviously disappointed that the Festival of Angels may not take place this year."

Updated: 10:50 Wednesday, May 21, 2003