Ever since the first series of Big Brother, Britain has become a nation obsessed with reality TV. Milking It is a witty satire of society's pre-occupation with docu-soaps and tacky 'real life' gameshows.

Sandy West is a mercenary, money-grabbing runner-up of just such a show. Bitter at not coming out on top, Sandy vows revenge on the large-breasted and equally greedy winner, Honey Dew.

But to help her carry out her immoral plans, Sandy must take advantage of Mickey, a lonely outsider whose dreams of becoming a reputable sculptor are frustrated by his job, making seedy waxworks of female celebrities.

It is hard to like Georgina Wroe's desperate characters or the seamy world they inhabit. But the plot is sharp, compelling and at times laugh-out-loud funny.

Updated: 09:31 Wednesday, May 21, 2003