I WISH to sing the praises of Rowntree Musical Theatre's Singing In The Rain.

Clive Hailstone has put together a masterpiece and the partnership of Scott Garnham and Craig Barley as Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown was a brilliant piece of casting and Christine Rigg's choreography in the violin playing routine was a joy to behold.

Craig Barley's 'Make 'Em Laugh' was equal to Donald O'Connor.

Sarah Barker as Lina Lamont, played her part well, and how she kept up her screeching voice was marvellous. Well done!

Godfrey Machen,

Lindsey Avenue,

Poppleton Road, York.

...I WAS pleased to see Rowntree Musical Theatre stage such a good Singing In The Rain, after having to adapt to a new rehearsal venue after the sale of Rowntree's dining block.

The singing and dancing was first class, and Sarah Barker played a sparkling part as Lina Lamont - struggling to adapt to the new 'talking pictures'.

Sarah's family name of Dearlove had its roots in Leeds more than a century ago, where one branch had the Jack Dearlove Orchestra in the early days of radio, so the script would have been familiar to Sarah.

Allan Denney,

Holgate Road, York.

Updated: 12:28 Saturday, June 14, 2003