CHRIS Titley's bright idea of a local currency (June 11) is already in use. And he's almost right about the name - we call them Yorkys so we do not upset chocolate manufacturers!

Members of York Local Exchange Trading System (York LETS) have been able to buy and sell goods and services for the past ten years and exchange is facilitated by a "Yorky cheque book!"

Ryedale, Scarborough and Harrogate have their own Let Systems (currencies called Ryes, Coasters and Nidds respectively) and members can use an inter-trading agreement to exchange between different Lets.

York LETS' annual meeting is on July 1 at the Friends Meeting House - there's a social and trading table at 6.30pm - and the main meeting at 7.30pm.

New members are always welcome so, come along before the annual meeting and look through the directory of what is offered and what is wanted?

I hope Chris joins soon and makes his journalistic skills available to us all!

John Cossham,

Lets Member,

Hull Road,


Updated: 12:27 Saturday, June 14, 2003