Terry Ruane and family enjoyed a boozy soaking during a day of family fun.

"Can we go on it again?" said Samantha, as we neared the end of the Boozy barrel ride. This was without doubt her favourite ride at Sundown Adventureland, having already been on it about five times. "Yes, but this is the last time," we replied, knowing we would be back again to risk another soaking.

Sundown, in Nottinghamshire, is a fabulous place for a day out: no commercialism, no helium balloons and not a "Have a nice Day" to be heard, just good old family fun.

First up for us was a visit to Nursery Rhyme Land, where five-year-old Samantha could see all her favourite nursery rhymes brought to life. Press the buttons and she could see the characters move and hear the rhyme at the same time. After passing by an aviary full of singing birds, we moved on to go-karts and small bikes before heading for Captain Sandy's play area: a vast oasis of sand pits, with heaps of outdoor toys.

Next was a visit to a story book village, with a host of little houses featured in children's stories and nursery rhymes, including those of Jack And The Beanstalk, the Three Little Pigs and Snow White - Samantha's favourite, where you could hear the dwarfs sneeze, yawn and laugh.

We then followed the yellow brick road and found the Scarecrow, Tin Man and cowardly lion, before reaching the Lollipoppet Castle, a child-size castle with oversized confectionery, including a liquorice-scented room.

Then the sky turned black and the heavens opened: time to dash into the Jungelmania Indoor play area and caf. Here Jayne and I had chance to rest our feet and have a drink, while Samantha headed off to the jungle play area to go climbing, sliding and rolling.

When the skies brightened up, we hit the rocky mountain railroad with life-sized bandits, then the Tractor Ride along a farmyard trail, with the children "driving" and adults sitting at the back, followed by a quick visit to Toy Town, where Samantha was able to visit a fire station, garage, butchers and many more child-size houses.

Santa's Sleigh ride was our last port of call before we headed home. It might have been out of season, but it was a superb ride, with Christmas tree, fairy lights and even Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, culminating with Santa and his sleigh heading off across the rooftops.

After more than five hours at Sundown, it was time to head home. For children under ten, Sundown is an excellent day out.

Fact file

Sundown Adventureland, Rampton near Retford, Nottinghamshire

How to get there: Turn off A1 onto the A57 heading to Lincoln. Sundown is well sign posted.

Admission: £6 for everyone and under-2s free

Opening times: winter 10am to 4pm summer 10am to 5pm and Christmas weekends 10am to 7pm. The park is closed from Christmas day until the second week in February.

For more information phone 01777 248274 or visit the website www.sundownadventureland.co.uk

Updated: 09:03 Saturday, June 14, 2003