HUSKY-OWNER Tania Stephenson loves the breed so much she has now had one tattooed on her back.

Tania, of Acomb, York, owns two Siberian huskies, Nanook and Timba, with her husband Phil, and decided she wanted a lasting image of the Russian breed.

The Evening Press recently reported how York gym owner Brian House had amassed a huge collection of husky memorabilia and raced his dogs in forests across the region.

Tania, who races with Brian, had the tattoo done at 21st Century Body Art, in Walmgate, York.

"I'm really pleased with it," she told the Evening Press.

"It was something very different for the tattooist to do. I'm smitten with huskies - the tattoo is like a tribute to them."

The couple's son, Nathan, eight, helps them walk the dogs all over Acomb and hopes to race them when he is older.

"Huskies wouldn't suit a couch potato because they need a lot of walking," Tania said.

Updated: 09:31 Saturday, June 14, 2003