SOUTH Korean exchange student Sun Wook Sim has been hitting the right note with pupils at a North Yorkshire boarding school this term.

Eleven-year-old Sun Wook Sim is staying at Terrington Hall School, outside Malton, as part of a massive exchange trip through the Independent Schools Council scholarship scheme. Head teacher Jon Glen said: "As soon as he arrived, Sun Wook said he wanted to be known by his English name, which is Thomas - after the inventor Thomas Edison.

"He plays the piano and violin, and plays football, and it's great to have him here."

Mr Glen said Thomas was loving the taste of English boarding school life - and was eagerly waiting the next instalment of life at Hogwarts School, with Harry Potter's latest adventure due out next Saturday.

"He has all the Harry Potter books taped in English to help him with his English." Last year Terrington Hall hosted three exchange students from Egypt, Kenya and Kazakhstan.

Mr Glen added: "The exchanges are extremely successful for the students who come over, and I feel that our children also learn an awful lot through them."

Updated: 09:34 Saturday, June 14, 2003