THE University of York has been named as a possible site for York College's £35 million development.

A model of the proposal, which will bring together York College - currently based on two separate sites - was unveiled by architects Bond Bryan.

But the location for it has not yet been confirmed.

Principal Mike Galloway said the college was looking at a number of possibilities, including the university campus. He said: "There might be some other benefits with this site, we are looking into it and it is more than a just a glance." The new development is expected to be finished by 2006 and will include state-of-the-art facilities for students.

Mr Galloway said having the college on one site would be an advantage.

He said: "We are able to do some of the things the distance between sites does not allow, such as bringing areas of the curriculum together such as art and IT. I think the benefits will be staggering."

Regardless of which site is chosen, the present further education site is to be sold to raise money for the development. The college will be applying for planning permission for housing on the site, which could go some way to solving York's housing needs.

Mr Galloway said: "York needs brownfield sites and this has good links into the city and outside so is also a good location for a housing development."

Consultations are now under way with staff members and local residents.

A decision on the location is to be made within the next few weeks and a planning application will be submitted later in the year.

Updated: 09:52 Saturday, June 14, 2003