STARS and students rode their luck on the first day of York's June race meeting - held on Friday the 13th!

Enjoying a boys' day out with a difference were Yorkshire TV stars from Heartbeat, Emmerdale and The Royal.

"We are all enjoying a nice quiet day off from filming," said James Carlton, also known as PC Steve Crane, from Heartbeat.

"We will all hopefully back a few winners, it's a great day out to be here."

A little more at home with the horses was Clive Hornby, better known as farmer Jack Sugden, of Emmerdale.

"I'm not really a punter, but it's a nice change," he said.

"It's great on a sunny day to be enjoying it all here in York."

Others enjoying a day off were Louise and Richard Pollard, owners of a Malton engineering firm, and former racehorse owners.

"I love the races, it's a real passion of mine," said Louise.

"Our friends are trainers, so this is a great chance to come along and have fun getting dressed up.

"But if you want to see great outfits, you should see what I've got lined up for tomorrow."

Studying the form book rather than their text books, York University students joined in the fun.

"We have just finished our final exams, so are here to enjoy a great day out," said Victoria Caffyn.

"Between us we study biology and psychology, and two of us are keen horse-riders, but I don't know if that's going to help us pick any winners," said Bryony Campion.

Updated: 09:57 Saturday, June 14, 2003