FRESH from their disappointing performance at Eurovision 2003, pop act Jemini mounted the stage at the York St John College's summer ball to entertain more than 1,500 exam-weary students.

The pop duo, affectionately dubbed "null points" after their May appearance in Latvia, instantly dismissed all claims that singers Gemma and Chris had difficulties singing in tune.

Whether their Eurovision failure was down to the post-Iraq political backlash or the group's lack of tonality, their injection of pure pop made an ideal summer ball entertainment act. In perfect harmony and cheerful spirits, the pair graced the stage for 15 minutes and stormed through tracks Wait For Love, All I Wanted and Eurovision flop Cry Baby, which all encompassed an energetic up-beat disco tempo.

Both interacted well with the crowd, reassuring hundreds of disappointed students, who had hoped to perfect the Cheeky Girls dance moves, (The Cheeky Girls previously dropped out of performing at the ball) that they were still in for an entertaining evening.

Although the set was not particularly challenging, with no complicated melodies, rhythms or lyrics, Jemini's short routine brought a smile to the faces of hundreds in search of a good-humoured night's entertainment.

Updated: 10:07 Saturday, June 14, 2003