THE Heworth roundabout is no magic roundabout. Potentially it is a killer.

The Monkgate roundabout has the advantage of being able to be seen across, by motorists and cyclists. The Heworth lacks these advantages.

When traffic approaches the Heworth roundabout, and tries to go into Heworth village, it tends to sweep round too fast.

Any cyclist crossing the roundabout from Stockton Lane to Heworth Green is in danger of being hit broadside on.

Without the means of making traffic stop before going on to the roundabout it becomes extremely dangerous.

With ever-increasing traffic, and more coming from town developments in Layerthorpe and Hungate, these two roundabouts, Heworth and Monkgate, will not cope.

The only solution is for them to be replaced by traffic lights. Then, perhaps, we shall get improved traffic safety and people will be able to cross the road more easily in Heworth Green.

J A Littler,

Irwin Avenue,

Heworth Green, York.

Updated: 12:13 Monday, October 20, 2003