York's Without Walls project has moved a step closer to creating a future vision of York.

And now here's a chance for Evening Press readers to send an imaginary "postcard from the future" describing how they see the city in 17 years' time.

Your view may be optimistic or pessimistic.

Many residents have already taken part, and a selection of their views is set out below.

Their visions ranged from dreams of a clean, thriving, cultural and historical centre with a vibrant night life, to worries that York would become a grid-locked city with a poor transport system and a worsening crime rate.

The Without Walls initiative involves City of York Council and York's most influential community groups.

The project is aimed at mapping out a vision for the city's development, focusing on issues such as housing, poverty, transport, health and culture, and creating a ideal based upon what the community wants.

Rory Barke, head of community planning and partnerships at the council, told the Evening Press he believed the project will be very successful. He said: "It's early days, we're in the very early stages, but I think we've been tremendously successful so far helping spark interest across the city about what York could be like in 20 years' time. If we have a vision of what we want for the future of the city we need to be taking steps now."

A consultant's report, called Towards A Vision for York, will be available at a conference on March 20 at the Merchant Taylors' Hall.

To send a postcard fill in our online form.

Updated: 08:14 Tuesday, February 25, 2003