MIKE Laycock's article ("Delay over Hungate decision 'too long'", October 1) reported the reaction by the Hungate Community Trust to the news that the proposed development would be delayed for up to a year while planners decide on the area's redevelopment scheme.

I visited both the exhibition of the proposed development and the public meeting in the Guildhall earlier this year and saw only positive and constructive intentions for the sensitive improvement of what is at present a gigantic eyesore in the heart of the city.

The plan promises improved access to the river without threatening wildlife, access to and from the Navigation Road area via a new pedestrian bridge, affordable housing and space for new business and cultural activity. I cannot understand why more people are not encouraging this mature and innovative proposal.

As an artist, I understand the need to protect our historic city. But the people who live here today must be catered for as well as buildings which represent past communities.

Let's just not get used to another derelict site; let's help develop it into something worth talking about for generations to come.

Andy Hinkles,

aka milladdio, artist,

Agar Street, York.

Updated: 12:04 Tuesday, October 21, 2003