I FEEL very strongly about the recent problems with fireworks.

One of the phone boxes that was damaged was at the top of my sister's street, and I am concerned if they can damage phone boxes they could start to damage people's houses.

I would like to see the laws regarding the sale of fireworks changed to restrict the length of time they are on sale before the event, ie November 5 and December 31.

They should also be more tightly regulated so that only mild and colourful fireworks are available to the public and the more powerful rockets and loud explosives-type ones can only be purchased by licensed organisations and companies who put on professional, safe displays, especially as fireworks these days seem to be more and more powerful.

I hope we will not have to wait until there is a death or serious injury before something is done.

Louise Hamilton,

Linden Close,

Huntington, York.

Updated: 12:01 Tuesday, October 21, 2003