NINE centuries of the glories of stained glass are being celebrated at York Minster.

A new exhibition entitled Jewels Of Light has begun in the Minster.

The exhibition a celebration of the York Glaziers Trust and its predecessors, without which much of this glorious glass would have been lost forever.

Highlights of the exhibition include two panels of Norman glass from the 12th century, and two 13th century panels from the Chapter House Vestibule.

In addition, six panels of 15th century glass from the St William window are also on show. Other panels from this window are currently on loan in the new Gothic Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The exhibition runs until Sunday, January 11, in the Chapter House Vestibule.

York residents can use their Minster passes to get to the exhibition free of charge.

Updated: 08:49 Tuesday, October 21, 2003