COMMUNITY leaders in York have urged city residents to come forward and help the crackdown on crime and antisocial behaviour.

Residents in some areas of York have complained about increasing levels of antisocial behaviour.

One Tang Hall resident claims she has taken to abandoning her home at night so she can get some sleep after fireworks were repeatedly set off in her street.

Hundreds of Tang Hall residents, living in privately-owned homes, as well as private and council tenants, recently received a letter warning they could face legal action if they did not control their children.

But Jim Crook, City of York Council's director of community services, said that for action to be taken against yobs, help from the community was needed.

Mr Crook said: "We want people to speak out and provide the police with information that will help them deal with antisocial behaviour and crime in our communities.

"This applies to the whole of York. There has been a recent concern in one area that the various agencies have been concerned to tackle, but we want help from across the city."

Mr Crook said people could approach the police, or crime-fighting organisation Safer York Partnership, in confidence if they wished.

He added: "The police have various methods. Information provided in confidence helps them to target their resources accordingly.

"Any information is welcome, whether people want to provide it in confidence or come forward openly."

Anyone with information can contact the police on 01904 631321 or the Safer York Partnership on 01904 733713.

Updated: 11:08 Tuesday, October 21, 2003