DRIVERS who take their vehicles across York's newest bridge are set to be blocked by new laws.

City of York councillors will be asked to ban motor vehicles from New Walk, the riverside footpath from the Blue Bridge up to Fulford, and the Millennium Bridge itself.

The move comes after cracks appeared in the bridge, which is intended only for pedestrians and cyclists.

Council officers blamed the damage on a Transit van. Bollards were put in place to make sure no other vans or cars could get on.

But the council has received reports that motorcycles are still using it.

Members will be asked to put an enforcement order in place, giving powers to prosecute.

A ban is already in place in Butcher Terrace, which has bollards blocking vehicles, and Terry Avenue between Rowntree Park and the bridge.

The council's highway technician, Karen Long, said: "Because of the determination of some drivers, it has recently been necessary to provide additional bollards in Hospital Fields Road where it narrows into a footpath and cycleway link to New Walk. These bollards prevent access to the Millennium Bridge by motor vehicles."

A council spokeswoman said: "Because of bollards that have put up on the bridge, vans and cars can't get on to the bridge now, but we have had reports from people who say they have seen motorcyclists using it.

"We have had a camera on the bridge for the past six weeks and we have seen no evidence of this, but we want a traffic regulation order in place so that, if it does happen, we can take registration numbers from the camera and prosecute."

The proposals will cost about £1,200. Members of the planning committee will discuss the plans on Thursday.

Updated: 12:04 Tuesday, July 10, 2001