GREEN-fingered David Gregory is turning to green power after signing up to PlanetYork.

The manager of Upper Poppleton-based Ryland Horticulture Tree and Garden Services has vowed to convert his business Land Rover to low-emission liquid petroleum gas.

And he does not intend to stop there.

"I'm looking into the possibility of getting a vegetable oil to power our chain saws, which is a much more environment friendly fuel," he said.

"But our first priority is to clean up the Land Rover because that is where we can make our biggest contribution to clean up the emission of gases that are harmful to the environment."

David also aims to offer energy efficiency training for his staff and reduce fuel consumption.

PlanetYork is a year-long project aimed at making the city the UK's most energy efficient.

"Through our work with plants we are very aware of the way in which things such as climate change affect the environment," he said.

"Through our work with PlanetYork we can be part of something positive and we can hopefully help to make something constructive happen."

Meanwhile, a natural approach to saving energy has been adopted by complementary therapist June Tranmer. As part of her pledge to PlanetYork, the manager of the Healing Clinic Natural Health Centre in Fulford Cross, York, aims to help heal the environment as well as her clients.

"I have always been environmentally-conscious, but through PlanetYork I aim to continue to improve my awareness of energy issues and my contribution to reducing our impact on the earth's resources," said June.

The centre, which offers therapies including acupuncture and homeopathy, uses energy-saving lightbulbs and appliances, recycles materials and encourages staff and clients to cycle.

Updated: 11:54 Thursday, May 02, 2002