LICENSEES David and Sally-Anne Smith are calling time on energy waste as their pub becomes the first to sign up to PlanetYork.

The Royal Oak, in Goodramgate, York, is expected to slash its energy consumption by ten per cent in the next year after the publicans vowed to play their part in the scheme.

PlanetYork is a year-long project aimed at making the city the UK's most energy efficient.

Sally-Anne said: "We have been at the Royal Oak for 25 years and in that time we have witnessed a growth in energy use and unnecessary waste. It's about time we did something about it."

The couple's pledge includes fitting energy-saving light bulbs and holding staff training sessions aimed at teaching ways of cutting energy use.

"Though we weren't affected physically by the November 2000 floods, we suffered an enormous loss of trade," said Sally-Anne.

"We need to look at why York saw such bad flooding and take action to reduce the build-up of harmful gases that may be causing global warming."

- More information about PlanetYork can be found by telephoning 0800 512012, or within the PlanetYork section within this website.

Updated: 11:13 Friday, April 12, 2002