COUNCILLORS have called for better provision of services for young people in North Yorkshire and demanded better communication.

Hambleton district cultural and social overview committee members agreed to refer a report to cabinet for approval following local elections this week.

The report highlights the need for better communication between council and the young, both to improve young people's awareness of council matters and also to improve provision for young people.

Cultural and social overview committee chairman Coun John Coulson said: "It is a fairly contentious raft of proposals. There is lots to think about and consider, but I am very hopeful that the cabinet will take many of the things on board."

Plans include supporting the building of skateboard facilities in each market town and a requirement for future leisure developments to set aside a certain amount of time specifically for youth activities.

There are plans to use Hambleton Forum as a cinema, and to provide more access to council and school facilities for young people.

Councillors also recommended engaging more with young people, for example, by providing a youth-friendly magazine publishing council services, with the possibility of a member panel to visit schools to act as a focus for young people.

They also recommend more young people involvement in projects such as the Community Safety Partnership, the recycling scheme and the setting up of a task force including youth workers and young peoples' representatives to aid consultation.

Coun Coulson said: "Some of these measures will be costly, and that is something we have to discuss, but I think it is a very worthwhile exercise to encourage young people. One of the main things we have found is that a lot of people are quite apathetic about politics, so we feel that if we get people interested while they are young it is the best way forward.

"Now is the time we have to start work and really bring these things into being. You will see changes."

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Updated: 10:34 Wednesday, April 30, 2003