IT is time the people of York and beyond dragged themselves into the real world with regard to the Terry's closure. The owners of the building are going to close the place and flog it for as much as they can get.

They couldn't care less what people are saying about them, they don't give a damn about protest groups nor about their employees or the past traditions of the factory.

If people decide to boycott their products, it justifies closing the place because demand for confectionery is low therefore why have such a large factory?

I hope the employees of Terry's bang in as much overtime as possible until the place shuts down, get as much as they can in redundancy pay and then stick two fingers up to them and walk away.

We will soon know what will be built on the site. if it is retail and industrial, you are all hard working, decent and loyal people so you will get employment and hopefully a better employer.

PR Willey,

2 Burnholme Drive,

Heworth, York.

...CITY Of York Council has decided to prevent the soon to be former Terry's factory from being converted into flats.

Ummm, yes, but one can't help but feel that their minds will be changed once the price is right.

In a similar vein, I can't help but feel that trying to grab developers' money lies behind the rumoured sale of the council offices on St Leonard's and also the proposed closure of the road itself - just think what lovely Mews flats those offices will make especially in the lovely quiet St Leonard's conveniently free of vehicles! - a plan that has got to be worth a fortune!

Ann Reid will have her work cut out managing traffic in this city if St Leonard's does close to traffic.

We've had such trouble with buses at Clifton Moor and finally we got the excellent number six service.

I do hope that by trying to close St Leonard's for whatever reason, be it developers' cash or not, the council does not mess up our buses again.

Dr Richard Greaves,

18, Morehall Close,



Updated: 09:55 Monday, May 03, 2004