I WOULD prefer to vote at a polling station on June 10 with the rest of the country; but for the coming European elections, here in York, we will not have that choice. We will be invited to vote by post only, a fortnight before the debate is reported in the media.

For all that, these elections are crucial. We need a strong Europe. The news daily from Iraq and other conflict zones makes it clear why the voice of a united, humanitarian Europe is essential.

The case for non-violent conflict resolution must be made. There has to be a counterbalance to attempts by the Government of the current superpower to impose its will on the world.

The fact that by 2015 the world superpower may be China, makes a strong European input into international debate and action doubly urgent.

It is no coincidence that neither the US nor China has signed the Kyoto protocol and that both still have the death penalty.

We need to elect MEPs with vision, committed to making such co-operation work and to promoting such values.

On May 25 you can hear and question the Euro-Parliamentary candidates at a public meeting at the Priory Street Centre, York, organised by York Against the War.

Maurice Vassie,

Cartmans Cottage,



Updated: 09:56 Monday, May 03, 2004