THE face of a "crime addict" who has been banned from York is being displayed in his new hometown by police in a rare move to curb his antisocial behaviour.

Police say Daniel Holmes has already been the subject of "numerous complaints" from the public since he moved to Selby, and they fear it is only a matter of time before he is back in court.

Now they are launching a poster campaign warning the public about the 18-year-old, and appealing to them to help keep him in line.

Holmes, of Cygnet House, Church Lane, was made the subject of a criminal antisocial behaviour order (CRASBO) by York Magistrates last month.

The CRASBO, which lasts for two years, banned him from setting foot within York's outer ring road, and from committing a number of acts of nuisance or antisocial behaviour, including drinking in public, unless on licensed premises. He could face up to five years in prison if he breaches the order.

But police say that since he moved to Selby, only two weeks ago, shop staff have reported him being drunk and abusive.

PC Andy Patchett said: "There have been incidents where people have made complaints about his behaviour being unacceptable, which we now think may be breaches of the order.

"For example, he has been sighted drinking in the street, which officers would not normally challenge, but as it is against his order we are investigating this."

Lee Henderson, security officer at the Somerfield supermarket in Abbey Walk retail park, Selby, said he would be displaying the posters.

He said he had already banned Holmes from the store because of allegations that he had been abusive to staff and had thrown things around when they refused to serve him.

Holmes, formerly of Holgate, York, branded the criminal justice system a "joke" in the Evening Press last September, claiming he had committed hundreds of crimes, but police could not touch him while he was then under age.

He said: "I guess I'm addicted to crime."

The poster being distributed in Selby shows his name above his, photograph, and the conditions of the CRASBO.

PC Patchett said: "I would ask anyone who sees Daniel doing any of these things to contact the police on 01904 631321."

Updated: 10:39 Monday, June 14, 2004