THE news that the future of Bootham Crescent has been assured for the next ten years is welcome but I find it incredible that one of the suggested sites for a new stadium is York University.

There has been a lot of publicity about the proposed development and expansion of the university itself and with it the traffic problems that this will create.

Calls for no-go areas and intelligent bollards in Heslington Lane to keep traffic out are frequent, so what bright spark comes up with a possible site for a new stadium in the same area?

AP Cox,

Heath Close,

Holgate, York.

...I WRITE in reply to the letters regarding traffic management on Heslington Lane, and particularly the response of Ian Snedden (June 10).

A consultation document was discussed and agreed by councillors at a public meeting before distribution for traffic options on Heslington Lane, including doing nothing, closing the road and an intelligent bollard among others.

This consultation document was delivered to all houses in the nearby affected area between Hull Road and Fulford Road, with information in the Your Ward newsletter to all residents in Fulford and Heslington.

Over 250 residents, including myself, attended the day long exhibition that followed.

I recently spoke at the executive member advisory panel stating the concerns of the residents of Fulford on the need for further consultation, and I can confirm to Mr Snedden that it is indeed still a consultation process.

Council officers have been asked to investigate a number of areas, including the idea of a bollard only during peak hours, and further consultation will take place with local residents regarding the possibilities for an intelligent bollard.

I will continue to make sure that all views are represented to council officers.

Coun Keith Aspden,

Liberal Democrat, Fulford Ward,

The Guildhall,

Coney Street,


...WHAT is this great urgency to spend a lot of money on a rising bollard on Heslington Lane "to minimise the congestion likely to be caused by the 'proposed' extension to the university campus"?

The information we have is that even if the proposed extension is passed it will take ten to 15 years before completion.

A better idea, before any silly bollard is put in, is to remove all the obstacles along that lane, as they cause more congestion than anything else.

There must be other places in York more urgent than Heslington Lane to have money spent on them.

What about Coppergate? Because of one van unloading, the buses were stopped both ways at the lights on Pavement.

Mrs M Robinson,

Broadway, York.

Updated: 12:07 Monday, June 14, 2004