I AM writing in support of Mr Helsdon's recent letter about Selby District Council's latest plan for the refurbishment of Tadcaster's central car park.

It is ludicrous and irresponsible of Selby District Council to use almost half a million pounds of council taxpayers money for this project, when a private developer's plans for refurbishing the car park have already been passed by the council.

I accept that there had been complications, disputes and legal wrangling over this piece of land, but it is time to draw a line under these difficulties and seek a resolution to this matter to the advantage of us, the Tadcaster residents, and to the benefit of all Selby district taxpayers.

It is incomprehensible that the council are seeking to spend taxpayers' money and impose a development which is inferior to the developer's proposal - that of a high quality car park as part of a comprehensive plan for the town centre costing the people of Selby district nothing.

It is time Selby District Council delivered what we all want: best plan, best build and best value.

Glen Appleyard,

Tadcaster town councillor,

Station Road,


Updated: 12:05 Monday, June 14, 2004