I WAS interested to read the recent letter from Coun Andrew Waller regarding the funding allocated to York by the Government (June 9).

The amount of Government funding has direct implications for the council tax which must be levied by any council to raise sufficient funding for the various services for which it is responsible.

It seems that we all would like to have a full and comprehensive range of services while paying as little as possible - and why not?

However, the present system of levying a council tax is both unfair and expensive yet neither Labour nor the Conservatives seem to want an alternative.

The council tax was flawed when it was introduced as a rushed alternative to the doomed poll tax.

It taxes those on a low income at a higher level than those who can afford to pay.

Pensioners in particular often pay a very high premium because of the existing system.

It is time to have a serious debate on the council tax, and thankfully the LibDems and the Axe The Tax campaign are raising the issue of changing to a fairer local income tax.

If you feel strongly that you would like to pay less council tax and have enhanced services, support this campaign and remember - there may be a General Election next year when you can make your views heard.

J S Talbot,

Redcoat Way,



Updated: 10:02 Tuesday, June 15, 2004